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Okay so this is gonna be a short one, considering its only been about 2 days!

Well, today I was doing a lot of grappling with my sparring partner (training partner #1) and I had a few revelations that made me smile, and a couple more that pissed me off.

Firstly my cardio is coming along nicely, being agressive with my grappling, as well as defensive, I felt good. I wasn't fresh and I felt my cardio starting to slip. But we grapplied for an hour straight and I was barely winded. A good sign!

Secondly, holy f*ck I'm flexible! I've been stretching almost daily for two years now and I just now started noticing how benefitial it has been to my grappling. During one such moment I had him in a butterfly guard andpushed him back a little, I then in one motion put both feet on his chest and shoved him the length of the training mat. Uber good feeling! Another moment, instead of juist using a closed guard and waiting for an opportunity to sweep. I totally nullified him movement by wrapping one leg around his ribs, and the opposing arm around his neck and holding my foot behind his shoulder. I was also able to threaten with armbars constantly, though I couldn't get them, or a couple triangle attempts to sink. These are all pretty basic moves, but I felt really good that I was able to do them without really thinking. I was just happening and I was reacting properly. Big motivation!

I was also hapy with my sprawling. He managed 3 possibly 4 takedowns throughout the hour while I sprawled another 3 or 4 in there. However, I was on the verge of being ass to mat almost every time. I have to definitely work on my sprawls and develop more endurance and some more strength in my leg muscles.

I was rather disgusted, however, with my takedown ability today. I epic failed all but one hip toss attempt (4). I failed every single single/double attempt (3-5). I also failed each leg sweep attempt (3-5). I have never been so pissed at my lack of takedown ability ever!

I also found I am rather uneducated in top control. When I got there my partner was able to sweep, clinch, then stand rather easily. I have to watch some more youtube videos and figure out how the f*ck to keep this bastard down!

Suffice to say today was rather up and down. But I know where I'm lacking. So I'll head to the drawing board and map out a new workout routine. I'm not really into this phasic workout, and am going to design a new workout that actually...I don't know works for something other than just cardio! But all in all I'm happy with my progress at the moment.

And now the psyche segment: Why the f*ck is chocolate good? Why can't they make a pill or a drink or something that makes chocolate taste like piss? But no its gotta be god damn yummy! I hate you chocolate corporations!

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