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Originally Posted by North View Post
Ah, I gotcha now Xeb. Somehow I managed to overlook that. I can understand then kicks being dropped out of the equation for his height/reach. I'm curious though, if then wouldn't the clinch range serve him especially well considering the reach he'll have with his arms? He'll have to get on inside the reach of anyone bigger than him, so wouldn't having elbows and knees for that range be pretty beneficial too?

Just spitballin'.
well, clinch range will definitely serve him well. but standing elbows and clinching probably wont. i don't have a ton of experience clinching as I'd just prefer to get away or uppercut. i think he'd probably have trouble getting his knee to his (probably) taller opponent, and using elbows would limit his range even further.

i like to use mike tyson as an example... guess what his reach was? 72inches. how he was able to topple opponents with a foot more reach was with his boxing skills. which is great for small guys, learning to utilize lateral movement to get past the jab is a beautiful thing.

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