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Originally Posted by Spartan
Come on people. All I hear is these young teenagers who just got into UFC and PRIDE all over America say "Fedor is the best, Rickson is the best, Fedor, Rickson, blah blah". Both of them certainly were good fighters, Fedor one of the best strikers ever, and Rickson definitely the best grappler and submissionist in MMa but Bas is definitely the best! He may have lost to "Washed up but then good Ken Shamrock twice" and "Should have not gotten the decision against Kevin Randleman" but I mean come on. He totally dominated Pancrease and left UFC because it was too easy for him. And he doesn't even try in his fights, he always wins by self defense! If he actually did try in his matches and us long time MMA fans saw we would classify him as the best rather than Rickson and Fedor! Bas may not have been as good of a striker as Fedor since his punches in his early pancrease days looked like slaps and he definitely wasn't as good of a grappler as Rickson but still his defense is amazing and all of his matches were won by self defense. If you think Bas shouldn't be the best fighter I understand but give him some credit. I always hear people not even mentioning him in the top fighters ever conversations but mostly "Fedor, Rickson, blah blah". Give him credit people! Bas is god and is going to kill Kimo.
Bas is one of the best strikers in history of Pancrase punching the face is illegal thats why he use open handed strikes...and he mannaged to KO ppl with those...he was a pioneer of body shots and is def one of the best martial artists alive....his striking is better than Fedors...Fedor is more well rounded and has better takedown defence (Bas main weakness), takedowns, and is amazing at ground and pound...But Bas is an amazing thai boxer and prob the best in true street fighting knowledge...I never saw nobody stand with Bas and get away with it...

P.S. when he lost to Ken he was still very new to submissions...he learned from fighting and getting caught in them...

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