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Originally Posted by pl_case View Post
Hi, I've been interested in MMA for awhile now. I'm 16 years old, wiegh about 97-101 pounds, about 5'5"-5'5'1/2" in height and was looking into muay thai. But then I started wonder about my ground game and all that good stuff. And i started wondering if Muay thai was really for me. Well I was wondering what kind of martial art would be best for me. And I would like a martial art that lets me just K.O someone like nothin'. All comments and martial art types are appreciated. Thank you.
It in essence doesn't matter which Art you select, as long as its trained with a specific purpose in mind. That is to say a Karate and Muay Thai practitioner both have the same potential for KO power, as long as that power is properly trained. Same can be said for TKD or Boxing/Kickboxing practitioners.

All of that being said. With Arts like TKD, or Karate, the goal of in class teaching(unless geared towards full contact sport) are not designed to train for the KO. If all you want to do is throw KO bombs, training in Boxing/Kickboxing/MT is a good bet.

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
no wing chun >_< most martial arts are a joke.

you said you wanted to KO people, because of your size and height id say boxing is the best way to go about that. and i recommended wrestling because shorter guys are harder to take down and your physical condition will contribute greatly to your ability to fight regardless of whatever style you choose, but sure bjj is a good one also.

id recommend avoiding karate, tkd and wing chun.
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