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I love fell walking so i do that pretty often. Most my cardio is done on a bike as i have an old football injury which sometimes affects my knee when running. The lack of impact on the knee joint when cycling means i dont have to sit out for a week or so to allow it to heal. It usually conists of a steady pace of 18km per hour for a little over an hour, with little resistance. I heard that was best for burning body fat.

I actually bought one of those exercise balls specifically to work my core. I dont ever go to a gym, i workout from home. I do all sorts of core strengthening using the ball pretty much every other day. Strangely enough the part of my body which feels it the most is my lower back. My abs can probably motor on, but i think i may have some sort of muscle inbalance where i have strengthened my abs more than my lower back and the muscles there cant keep up. Either that or i'm not using the correct technique.

I'm considering using thermobol to help with the extra fat loss. is this a good or bad idea?
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