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Originally Posted by MMAnWEED View Post

Now With The Toney vs. Couture fight coming up i thought it would be interesting to get your guys opinion on how Mike Tyson in his prime would do in MMA. James Toney is one hell of a boxer but I dont think he quite compares to Tyson. With Tyson's devastating knockout power, is it fair to say a guy being so good at one aspect of MMA would do well in lets say the UFC? Now typically any other boxer wouldn't stand a chance but in my opinion Tyson is so explosive and powerful he would be able to knock people out on his BACK.
If a prime Mike Tyson learned a good sprawl and along with disciplined submission defence, he would do exellent! His style of blocking did not only consist of parrying with the big gloves, but a lot with head and body movement. This would be quite effective in MMA. Tyson with 4 ounce gloves on is a scary thought...

His powerful boxing style would translate better into MMA than a Larry Holmes fx, the same way Mirko Cro Cop's style translates better into MMA than Peter Aerts.

About Tyson's decline. It started to happen, when the good people around him left him.
Tyson's was an exellent specimen, but mentally weak. He needed good role models, good pep talks, positive influence in is daily life. A Cus D'Amato, but also, Terry Atlas, Kevin Rooney and a few others. These surroundings were gradually replaced by Rubin Givens, Don King and a hopless trainer.

Fun trivia: In danish "kamp" means "match" or "fight". So Martin Kampmann really lives up to his name.

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