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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
Do you drink soda or coffee? Ever taken a pain pill? Xyience? Drugs are everywhere, they don't have to be illegal to be drugs. Just because some are legal doesn't make them any better than the illegal ones. They all do something negative to you in the long run. EVERYBODY takes drugs in some form from time to time. Shoni does look pretty high sometimes, but he did a GREAT job fighting Matt Serra. He looked kind of high in that fight but he dominated throughout 80% of that fight. Serra couldn't do shit to Carter. And Serra's good too.
yea if you look at it that way breathing is taking drugs depending on where you live.. but there is a major difference between legal and illeagal usage of drugs.. a fighter should not step into the ring on an illeagal substance espical if the substance is designed to give him an edge in the case of steriods. or once that can alter his preception or reaction time he could end up seriously hurt or dead...

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