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My last post in my own training log was almost five months ago. That's terribly discouraging, and disappointing. Here's to a fresh start though.

I've made amazing breakthroughs in lifting/strength training in these past few months (mainly the last two). I've gone from a 'when I can' or 'when I feel like it' lifting schedule, with no rhyme or reason, to a very organized and focused lifting schedule. I do legs on Monday, chest and triceps on Wednesday, and back and biceps on Friday. My Wednesday is all "press" lifts, while my Friday is all "pulls". Only my Monday (legs) is really a major muscle group focus. Beyond scheduling, the weights I'm moving are weights I didn't think I could be moving this soon into starting serious strength training. I found my max deadlift to be 300lbs, which only topped out there because that's all of the weight I own. Not to mention, my max bench is up 25lbs. I'm doing rep/weight combos of other lifts that I didn't think I could do, such as lateral rows and overhead extensions of 60lbs with three sets of 10. If you can't tell, I'm really pleased and very excited about my gains in strength so far, and my future gains. In addition to my three days of lifting, I'm looking to add a hard, core workout on Saturdays, and I'm thinking of doing strongman style workouts on Tuesday and/or Thursday (directed towards benefitting less the striking, more the takedowns). I'll be trying to implement those additions this week, so we'll see.

So, today was Monday, legs. I did squats, reverse lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises.

I've read that leg extensions and leg curls are bad because the way they distribute weight is bad for you. I believe this. However! I've always had shakey knees and weak legs, so I'm using these two lifts to help kind of rehabilitate my legs to a regular standard.

I've also read that bodyweight calf raises are bad. I do bodyweight calf raises to warm up up before bagwork or such some time, but on Mondays, for lifting, I do weighted calf raises. 90lbs, 3 sets of 20 reps.


I really haven't been doing the cardio that I need to be doing, only once or twice a week (being generous there). So what I'm looking to do in the future is 1.5miles a day, and 3miles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I didn't run today. Tomorrow should be a new day though. I'm also considering adding jump roping on Saturdays, and possibly eventually doing it every (or every other) day.


I've started doing bag work (almost) every day, and have only missed doing so a couple times so far. I used my neighbor's heavy bag for a while, which inspired me to properly set up mine. So I've got a 100lb banana bag hanging in my backyard to play with. I'm also buying my neighbor's rig, which has a 50lb (80lb, maybe. I don't know, I'm use to way heavier bags than whatever he has). His rig also has a speed bag, which is what I'm really interested in adding to my training tools. So hopefully by the end of this week or next, I can be reporting on my terrible rhythm with a speed bag.

Like I said, I do bag work every day now, including today. I threw some general, basic combinations as I usually do. Some of the things I really focused on hammering out was a lead left hook, both to body and to head, and sometimes throwing them consecutively. I have seriously have more power with my lead left jab than my lead left hook, it's sad. But! Something to work on, right?!

Other than that I worked on short uppercuts to the body as might be seen in the clinch (general clinch; boxing, etc, not Thai). I feel like I'm solid at this range. I'm good at covering up and rolling, which I work on by, well, covering up and rolling while right up on the bag. And I feel like I can really happily and freely punish the body in this way. I can deliver some meaty body uppercuts from that position to their (ideally) exposed midsection, while minimizing a lot of the damage I take. Maybe even getting them to bust up their hand a bit on my crown or an elbow in the process. I feel ok there, but it's definitely not where I really want to be - not with these lanky ass arms of mine.

I also worked on angles and movement. Jabs while stepping forward, jabs while stepping back. Crosses or hooks while stepping to one side or the other. Worked on a nice little diddy I like, where I purposely (and purposefully!) wing my jab to their outside, and step in with a tight uppercut to the lower body. Of course there was the ever present effort to make head movement second nature.

I didn't work on knees or elbows. This is because the Sanshou tournament I'll be entering in March does not allow elbows, and has wishy washy rules on knees.

I didn't practice any kicks. It rained today, yesterday, and the day before, so I opted to wear shoes instead of going barefoot as usual - since my bag is outside. I didn't want to be driving the fabric of my shoe or my shoe laces into my foot repeatedly. So for today, I went without practicing my kicks. I should've (or could've, anyway) practiced them in a shadow boxy manner in the house, but, I just didn't. What can I say.


Padwork! I hit the pads at a friend's place the other day. Felt good man. When I asked him about how my head movement looked while I was hittin' the mitts, he gave me a small compliment, saying it was solid, basically. And he's not much the type to just say something to be nice.

I also felt like my right hook on the mitts was really, really pleasant. Something about the feel of it or something just felt so, so right to me. Loved it!

Right now I'm getting pad work only maybe twice a week. However! I'm looking at getting a pair of focus mitts of my own. My lifting buddy (my oldest brother, actually) is trying to get fit, and he wants to see me succeed, so he's agreed to work the mitts with me for a while after we lift. So once I get a pair of mitts, that'll give me three more pad sessions a week.

I could also feasibly get in another two mitt sessions a week with my other brother, if I so wished, but there's some personal issues there keeping me from doing so, so we'll see.

Um. Yup! That's all for now, I think.

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