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BJJ Class

Gordo got back today. Technique was a loop choke from guard. Pull out one of their lapels and feed it around their back to the far hand, then pass it to the same side hand, wrist in their neck. Then as they defend with their arm, hip to the side and trap their elbow in your chest. Hip out more and bring your leg over their trapped arm's shoulder to help cut off air flow.

Drilled from closed guard and didn't too hot. In rolling I got a brown belt who submitted me with a keylock variation of an armbar. After the roll he recommended I try passing half guard by posturing and framing off their body and pulling a leg off instead of my underhooking, pressuring, and leg wiggling. It's difficult sometimes when people tell you to do something that contradicts what someone else or an instructional has told you to do. Anyways, I used the half guard pass in the white belt I rolled next. I was patient and tried not to muscle anything...getting a white belt is such a treat when you're used to going into every roll knowing you're outmatched. Landed an americana, a flower sweep, and ezekiel.


Shadowboxing with weights, pushups, light sparring, abs. One of the sparring guys wants to work striking with lots of takedowns next class so I guess I'm bring MMA gloves. Should be interesting because he likes throwing haymakers.
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