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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
1. Okay...I'm not sure what religion has to do with Martial Arts, but okay. FTR, we have the same religious beliefs.

2. You do understand that a form/kata is in essence a combination.

3. And that the exaggerated stepping movements have as much to do with building muscular endurance as they do with developing the "constant movement" mentality.

4. As well as the belt system denotes seniority within an organization of many members.

5. Also, the "pretty jump kicks" do the exact same thing a box jump does, only they include a striking motion(making them much more difficult to perform). Are box jumps useless as well?
1. I was referring to

Its the obvious disrespect to traditionals that disgusts me.. But blatant disrespect for hundreds of years of values and beliefs, that is what's disgusting.
as atheists this is just something that is common for us to do :P

2. yes

3. yes ive heard that before, wall squats are a lot better than that imo it just looks less cool.

4. yes i also know this. senority, not necissarily skill level. which is why there are a lot of karate/tkd black belt 10 year olds

5. i disagree. box jumps are much harder and you'd do frequent jumps to get the full benefit i dont imagine you'd go jump kick x 10 in a few seconds, i used to do sets of them when i was younger. pretty good, but kinda hard on your joints etc. once again id say box jumping is a lot better, but less fun if you want to pretend to be like "ninja kick"

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