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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
1. I was referring to

as atheists this is just something that is common for us to do :P

2. yes

3. yes ive heard that before, wall squats are a lot better than that imo it just looks less cool.

4. yes i also know this. senority, not necissarily skill level. which is why there are a lot of karate/tkd black belt 10 year olds

5. i disagree. box jumps are much harder and you'd do frequent jumps to get the full benefit i dont imagine you'd go jump kick x 10 in a few seconds, i used to do sets of them when i was younger. pretty good, but kinda hard on your joints etc. once again id say box jumping is a lot better, but less fun if you want to pretend to be like "ninja kick"
1. Not all atheists take it upon themselves to sh*t on other people's beliefs(unless they believe in scientology that is!). And by beliefs I was not refering to Buddhism, or some form of ancestorism(a word?) I meant in reference to Martial Skill alone.

2. Nothing need be said.

3. Well its fine to believe that wall sits are better. I just find that standing and moving in an actual deep stance may in fact better develop endurance and explosiveness simultaniously, rather than statically squating against a wall(logic).

4. I never stated, nor do I believe it denotes skill level. A belt is only good for holding up your pants 9/10ths of the time(pulling chicks being #10).

5. Are you aware of proper box jump form? Jump onto the box from a squat. Stand to your full height on the box. Hop off. You can do that 10 times in a few seconds? And they are far less dangerous for the joints(especially knees)than a weighted squat. And they are not in fact pointless, I've seen a highlight reel of Rua KOing a guy with a jumping roundhouse kick.

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