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Gringo Class

Had a laid back class today. Technique was attacking the back. Something to note for myself, in the seat belt grip your bottom hand should be on top while holding the wrist, this is because people tend to attack the top hand and when they do you can use the top arm to go for the neck.

The rear naked choke entry was from the seat belt grip, top hand comes across their neck, grabbing behind shoulder, meeting your other hand with a gable grip behind their shoulder, can ghetto choke from here or slide arm through the gable grip and behind their head for rear naked. Some interesting differences for Gerbils rear naked, he likes to grab behind his own head as opposed to their head, and then look up with his head to tighten it. As part of this, it's very important that you keep lots of pressure and contact form your head to his. He also emphasises getting their chin in the crook of your elbow to hit both sides of blood flow, whereas I was taught to attack the windpipe.

Next was a sneaky way to get the arm across for the choke. As they pull down on your attacking arm, salute straight out nazi style and sneak your other arm across their throat.

Finally was an armbar from back. From the seat belt grip, grap a wrist, two on one. Then switch to a kimura like grip, one on their wrist, the other on yours. Keeping this grip, create space back and to the side as you bring your elbow from below their head to a crossface. Throw the leg over and armbar.

Brazilian Class

Technique was backstepping off mount to side control, then a knee on belly, baseball bat grip on the collar, spin off into north south and sprawl to choke.

In rolling I got manhandled by a purple and manhandled by a brown, but I managed to manhandle another purple, submitting him with an armbar from mount and an arm triangle from mount.

An interesting thing I found out at the end of class was that rounds were 9 minutes long. I've been kind of discouraged in my fatigue lately, but I don't think I've properly taken into account that I'm not only outmatched, but doing enormously long rounds.

In other news, while writing this my training partner tells me that Kajan said they want me to fight in October in Vancouver. Apparently they saw some video and are "in love" with me I think this is a televised event, but I have no idea of the details. So we'll see as we go.
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