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Originally Posted by Dan9 View Post
I think it speaks volumes about how messed up this world is when a guy who cheats and messes up his whole family can still be seen as a role model, and make millions off of video games, sports drinks, etc!?!
it's called being human. yes, cheating is bad, but you have no idea what kind of tatters their relationship was in at that point. you have no idea how potentially awful she was to him in other ways that were just as bad as his sleeping around.

just because someone has some sponsorships for being a commodity (a recognized face, a great athletic record, etc) doesn't mean they don't get to make mistakes. the mistakes just look bigger when the enquirer prints them as opposed to you or me effing up while no one cares. can you honestly say you've never ****ed someone over, ever, once, either because you didn't think or were unhappy or because you were being a shitty person at the time or because you didn't give a shit or because you thought you could get away with it or because you weren't thinking straight or because you didn't know better (etc)? can you honestly?

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