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Had a little lunch date at Barra Shopping today, one of the biggest malls in Brazil. I'm having some difficulty gauging interest level in this one, so we'll see if this one plays out before I leave. The good part of this is it forced me to wake up at a reasonable hour, which has been a major issue for me. I have decent discipline when it comes to eating and training, but I am an absolutely awful sleeper.

BJJ, technique was hip throws and double leg takedowns. I was super close to not going to training today because my lower back and arm were giving me problems of course we do full on hip throws, and of course sambo guy locks eyes with me to pair up. Very fortunately for me, he was very good at hip throws and my back feels fine, perhaps they were chiropractic hip throws. I want to show you guys Sambo guy, because I'm really amused at how stereotypically Russian he looks.

Seriously, he could be the third Emelianenko brother.

Anyways the technique for the hip throw was to block the inside of their arms as they throw punches, head in their chest, first arm that blocks reaches around their back at the hip, other hand I believe grabs a sleeve. Then you need to drop your level a bit to get your hips under theirs, turn your back into them, bump your butt up to lift them off the floor and then twist and throw with your arms. Was alot to learn at once and brand new to me, so I had mixed results.

Technique today was from grip breaks in closed guard. First one, break a grip, drag it diagonally across your body as you hip out to the opposite side, recompose guard somewhat at the side of them. Then take that arm you dragged and feed it across their face, reaching behind their head to hold it. Then you can open your guard again and complete taking their back.

Second technique, grip break, your far arm pulls their sleeve all the way behind your head, nearest arm feeds through for the overhook and takes as deep a collar grip as you can manage. Hip out towards the overhook side, and use your free hand to grab at their shoulder and attempt the choke. When the fails you can kick out their far knee to flatten them out, move the overhook slightly further down the arm onto the elbow, twisting your body to armbar.

In rolling I had a good controlled round with a black belt. I would try to open his guard, try to pass, get swept, get threatened with a submission, given time to escape, rinse and repeat. Then I got a round with my nemesis purple who smashed my head in the wall that one time. Mother****er tried to play guard and I dominated the whole round Then I got a brown who dominated me and tapped me with an armbar and I believe something else. He was kicking my ass with omoplatas today so he took me aside and showed me an escape - grab at your belt with the threatened arm, free hand grabs the pants at their ass, posture up, straightening your arm as you spin and stack them.

Didn't do boxing, I wasn't feeling phenomenal by the end of class. I'm doing a tournament this weekend and have lots of little aches that I'd like to get better beforehand.
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