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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
fighting is a last resort always in a self defence situation and yeah if a guy pulls a gun its best to just give him your money. always run get away and avoid a fight if you can but if that drunk does attack me I am going to take him out and do what i need to insure my safty and the safty of those around me. if that means kneeing him in the head or bashing his knee then that what i have to do. However you just have to know when to use those moves or not. if its just a fight at the begining then you dont but if it turns in to something more serious then you do what you have to.

also we teach the beginers mostly just strait punches hammer fist basic ground work knees push kick front kick and snap front kick.
Okay I'll address it as a whole, rather than bold half of it.

Firstly: Why would you break some drunken jackass who's equilibrium is so percocked he can't even stand up straight. Let him miss for thirty seconds, gas, and then either leave, or front thrust him in the chest and dip. There's no need to knee someone in the face when you're both standing, or kick him in the knee just to f*ck him up. I'm a firm believe in...human decency and maybe a little empathy, and I for one am disgusted by the concept of a sober gentleman beaing the snot out of a drunk just to get his rocks off. You're sober, you can get away with total ease, do it!

Secondly: So in your "Krav Maga" class you teach basic self-defense techniques. Everything you listed you can learn in weekend self defense class. Every single Martial Art on the planet (excluding the obvious) teach those same moves. What makes it Krav Maga?

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