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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
1. This section isn't going anywhere. You and I just have a different understanding of the term respect.

3. On the contrary. Get into a deep side stance or back stance and then move around while attempting rounhouse kicks, side kicks, and front kicks. Its extrememly effective at building explosiveness in this area comparatively to many other practices.

Another thing is to look at the time. There weren't gyms on every corner or heavy bags in every basement even 50 or so years ago in the countries we're talking about. Even Gishin Funakoshi(creator of Shotokan)in the 1940s had to rely on ancient training practices. Even if you don't believe in the practices, or want to train them, you HAVE to respect their potential to achieve the same ends as modern training activities, if not as expediantly.

4. The dumb ones do. It makes you seem mysterious and deadly!

5. I'm not really sure which guy. It was grainy video from early Pride, so it could've been any nobody he fought back then. If I can figure it out I'll edit and post the highlight reel. Its actually one of the sickest KOs I've ever seen. And frankly if jumping roundhouse kicks are good enough for the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, they sure as sh*t are good enough for someone like you or me.
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