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Originally Posted by Thelegend View Post
noons is gonna get overpowered and picked apart. hopafully diaz does not try and stand for too long and takes it to the ground quickly.
I agree, Nick just needs and wants to prove himself for a while then he will take him down with success and sub's MMA

Originally Posted by slapshot View Post
My thoughts are this,

Nick wont cut so easy this fight.

He also wont be underestimating Noons, I think part of KJ's success was Nick came in unprepared for a real test, win or lose there wont be any wiggle room for the defeated fighter.

Nick is about as hard to KO as they come, I dont see any way Noons can finish this, he might be able to ride out a decision win but thats the only way I see him winning.

I see Nick keeping that fast pace, this is a five round fight and I see him drowning KJ in the later rounds.

This is one of those fights that the number of rounds could influence the winner IMO a 3 round fight is beneficial for KJ and his stand up and increases his chances at a win especially with Nicks ego, but in a 5 round fight Nick has time to set him up and take him down.

Nick should and could win this fight very easily but if he lets himself get bated into a boxing match he could very well get outpointed and lose a decision.

Bottom line I dont see anyway KJ can take this fight from Diaz, its Nicks fight to win or lose.
Agreed again and great post in terms of elaboration....

Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
I don't see how KJ could lose this fight! He's far ahead in the standup and has good enough TDD/Sub Defense.

He will either KO Nick, cause Nick always let's himself open. And KJ has the power to capitalize on that opening.

Diaz needs to Take him down every second he gets otherwise I don't see any other outcome then a clean victory from Noons.
It's called BJJ and I'm dissapointed....

Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
He didn't??

Of course did Nick tried to take him down in the first fight. He knew, if he would continue on the feet he would get Knocked Out. He even succeeded ones.. but failed in most attempts.

KJ already showed amazing TDD in this fight.

I just don't believe Nicks Wrestling is better then KJ's TDD. And even if he get's him down, just take a look back and watch again how easily KJ was able to stand up again.
Nick got sucked into a boxing match with a boxer....simply put. He will not fight this fight the same way even though he will stand and trade, why not out box the boxer with you reach and fixed face??? Either way, Diaz by Sub in whatever round he decides the only way to win is sub...

BadBoy Baby....
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