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Vega by UD, advances:

Round 1 – This is a bantamweight quarterfinal. Tims catches Vegas with some shots that rock him right off the bat. They both were exchanging but Vega got clipped. Vega shoots and puts Tims on his back, now in half guard. Tim gets full guard. The crowd is cheering loudly. Vega working diligently from full guard, postures up with a big right hand. Tims threatening from the bottom with different looks. Throws up an armbar attempt, again. Tims looking for a number of subs and Vega is defending well, while continuing to soften Tims up with hammerfists and punches to the body and head. Tims locks on an armbar, it’s tight but Vega escapes. Vega in north-south, attempts a choke but Tims is free. 1:45 left in the round. Tims scrambles, gets on top, they stand and Tims lands a nice right. Tims slips to the ground, gets right up. Leg kick Vega. Tims falls to his back after a glancing left hook. Tims pulls guard. Vega in half guard. Tims reverses and ends up on top in full guard. Exciting fast-paced round. 10-9 Vega.

Round 2 – Tiims with a slow spinning back kick from about five feet away. Vega throws Tims down but lets him up. Nice left from Vega, then a leg kick. Again with two lefts from Vega and another leg kick. Push kick from Tims misses. Leg kick from Vega slides up to the groin. Time is called. Tims comes in swinging wild but Vega stands his ground and lands some too. Vega with a leg kick. Beautiful loud switch kick from Vega. Vega lands some big punches and Tims gets popped. Tims shoots but Vega escapes and lands a punch. Leg kick Vega. Beautiful body shot from Vega and it appears to knock Tims to the ground although the commentators say it didn’t. I think it did. Tims shoots and ends up underneath Vega in north south. Tims holds on to Vega. Vega landing occasional punches, moves to side control. He traps one arm with his legs and is punching Tims. 10-9 for Vega.

Round 3 – This is a raucus crowd. Vega with the leg kick and a left hook. Tims falls to his back, gets up. Big leg kick from Vega. Nice one two from Tims and he eats a low blow. Big leg kick from Vega. Leg kick from Vega. Tims shoots for a double, Vega defends well. They exchange punches. Leg kick Vega. The crowd is loving this fight. Nice straight left from Tims. Vega lands a nice shot and a leg kick. Leg kick Vega then he knocks Tims’ mouth piece out with a stiff left jab. Tims moving forward and gets taken down via double leg. Vega inside Tims’ full guard. Vega can ride this out for a win. Tims threatening with a kimura but Vega gets out. Tims’ attempts are stifled from Vega on top. Vega 10-9, 30-27 as I see it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jose Vega def. Danny Tims by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

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