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Phew. Guess I have a bit to catch up on but I'm in a bit of a rush, my last UFC in Brazil starts shortly. I'll get the burpees that I just did out of the way and then talk about the tournament today, and then I'll do Gerbil's private yesterday in a seperate post.

Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 35
2 - 29
3 - 27
4 - 26
5 - 23
Total - 140

Surprised myself and beat last week's by four, just two short of my all time best. Lifting tomorrow if they're open.

The tournament. I lost my first match, and it's all my fault. No excuses, I felt healthy, awake, ready. The guy jumps guard, I take my time prying it open, make it to half guard. We struggle there awhile, his sweeps fail. I finally get across, however I don't stabalize the position for points before he rolls to turtle, first fail. I feebly attempt to attack the turtle as he rolled out and in a scramble I ended up in a mounted triangle position. I wasn't clear if I get mount points for this position (I don't unfortunately) so I sat there for a few seconds anyways before I moved to an armbar from mounted triangle. This is where the second fail comes. Instead of staying on top of him when going for the armbar, which is the wise thing to do because even if you fail you keep position, I took the arm and then tipped over to my head. He locked his hands and scrambled up and stacked me, freeing his arm and getting his arms under my legs, stacking and driving. He gets past my guard, scoring the only points in the round and traps me in side control for the last 30 seconds or so. I lose. Simple mistakes that I don't normally make cost me a win on points and a win by submission. Not a hard loss for me though, I'm healthy, I know what I did wrong and won't **** up again on...end of the day its just another BJJ tourny. No video camera's were around, sorry.
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