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Rob McCullough (sp) vs Harris Sarmiento

Razor Rob wins Unanimous Decision in one of the most boring matches I have ever seen.....about 45 superman punches thrown and clearly over 100 leg kicks (no exxageration on that one)

Ricco Rodriguez vs. Ron H20 Waterman

Ricco weighed in at 298 lbs and it showed LOL hes disgustingly gross in this fight, and Waterman, at 40 years old is still a beast. Ricco wins after the first round when Watermans left eye is swollen shut, pretty good fight sad to say, hell of alot better than the first fight.

Art Santore vs Ivan Salaverry

Fight of the night so far.....Ivan dominated the first round, and then the second with BRUTAL head kicks, and eventually caught him with one square in the face which rocked him, busted him open, and Ivan got the mount and finished it, late in the 2nd round

Jason Mayhem Miller vs. Lodune Sincaid

Mayhem comes out with his breakdancing team, and platinum "grill", Lodune gets a cheap pop when announced as a former TUF superstar hahaha. Mayhem is also announced from Parts Unknown LOL and has a yellow stripe going from the front to the back of his hairline, what a clown.

Mayhem dominates the majority of the first round, spending half of it on Sincaids back.....get the RNC with about 40 seconds left in the first round to secure the victory

Vernon Tiger White vs. Loyoto Machida

To be honest, I took my buddy home during this fight because he fell asleep lol but Machida won Unanmous Decision

Bas is on now, and I'll get back with a report soon
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