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Well i might do other stuff depends what situation im in or what i react to what flew into my mind but it would be most probably be these...

a) an elbow strike?
Um either block it which could be ineffective or move into it and catch it letting it hit a place where it hurts less/does less damage(ive never had to defend myself against one)

b)a knee kick?
whats that?

c)the ever popular punch or knee to the ribs?
punch - try to move out of the way and catch it to do some judo or arm locks or block with my forearm.
knee to the ribs if were both in a grapple position then try to push sideways the knee away from my ribs and try to do a takedown or throw

d)a hook to the head, like a left hook or a right hook to the head?block it with my forearm pushing it away from me.

e) a spinning back kick to the head?
Id try to duck it and stick my arm out incase im not fast enough, or move into it and catch it(moving into strikes is best when you cant evade them they have less power) or duck and set up a trap where my arm in a hook shape is waiting then i catch the foot and most probably trip them back so im in a ground and pound position.
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