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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
I did mean Sonnen, you are 100% correct. Not sure how I screwed that one up.

Silva actually does have pretty bad TDD. Blame it on his unwillingness to change his stand up stance or style, but he leaves himself open. I'm not just saying because of the Sonnen fight, I have said it about him for a while. Granted this is the third time in the UFC he has proven why he doesn't mind the ground as he won by sub again. I think he just doesn't care. To get him down you have to come within his striking range, and if you get him to the ground his lanky limbs make him just as dangerous standing up.
hmmm well you might have a point, i was thinking that he hasn't been taken down many times. But that could be because he hasn't faced alot of wrestlers. Hendo took him down as well so i guess his TDD is kinda mediocre.
Or like you said he just doesnt care if he gets taken down or not since he's been winning anyway.
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