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King of the Streets - WFA **spoilers!!**

Just watched WFA's comeback show - King of the Streets. The main event was Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Lindland.

Lindland dominated the fight, staying close to Quinton and keeping him on defense the entire time. Quinton was almost choked out twice. When it was all said and done, Quinton got the split decision in what I view to be a terrible decision. But judges don't typically like Matt Lindland's style, and he suffers in decisions because of it. I must say this - Quinton was in shape! He fought a very hard fight, and wasn't even breathing heavy during the post fight chatter in the ring. I was amazed by his cardio!

The gem of the night was the return of Bas Rutten! He fought a big guy named Villareal (after Kimo tested positive for steroid use and was not allowed to fight). Bas looked so happy to be back in the ring! And man was he ripped and in shape! He hit Villareal seven or eight times with huge right hands, hardly slowing the big guy down. Realizing the big punches weren't doing the job, Bas switched to leg kicks. After five or six vicious kicks, the big man went down and could not get up. Awesome win. I have just one request Bas - send a tape of your fight to Arlovski!!!

Jason Mayhem Miller stomped some dude from the first season of the Ultimate Fighter. Easy win for Mayhem.

A bit of a mystery man - Lyoto Machida - made his USA debut, fighting Vernon Tiger White. It was a good stand up fight, though not as lively as I like. But Machida easily handled Vernon. Machida has wins over Rich Franklin and BJ Penn, so we had big expectations for him. But he seemed cautious in his first U.S. fight, although I get the feeling he's the real deal. His style is a combination of Karate and Jiu Jitsu. I'm thinking he's here to stay.

Ivan Salaverry literally whooped Art Santore! Salaverry looked awesome, picking Santore apart for a couple of rounds and then basically beating Art to a bloody pulp for about 30 seconds until the referee stepped in. This was a true ass kicking! Another fight where leg kicks played a big role! I see Salaverry as a real threat at 185. If he comes back to UFC, watch out Rich Franklin!

Well, that about covers it. Good show WFA! We hope you guys are here to stay.


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