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Mon 8-30: jump rope, kick shield drills, pad work. I had a heavy hitting partner so it was fun. But he stank to high heaven. Detergent, guys. It's not expensive.
Tue: 3.5 mile run. I had to take a bathroom break at the 2 mile mark which isn't embarrassing at all! Also, I'm never running sockless in new shoes again. ow ow ow ow
Wed: 3 mile run. It's very hot again, so I may or may not go to karate and MMA combination. Lately the MMA combination has been standup for the girls, then the girls are all supposed to leave so the guys can get a) more instruction and b) a higher caliber of instruction with regard to ground fighting. This makes smoke come out of my ears. Karate was some kind of cool dynamic floor drills that are hard to describe, then MMA was all standup, and then the guys got to roll, because some of them are fighting on Saturday. I get that fighters who compete raise the profile of the gym, but my gym is becoming sexist as all hell.
Thur: Judo. We talked about varying grips and toward the end of class it got really really exciting b/c I was trying to fake a grip on one side and then jump into the entry with a grip on the other side, and we finally did that in randori, and it made me want a lot more randori.
Fri: Not a damn thing.
Sat.: Same.

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