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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
i dunno man i love my g23. it might be a bit bigger.. but 15+1 .40cal, it never ever jams, its light for its size and accurate. when i carry it i feel like i could take down a plated walrus army.
i like the 45 for self defense because of stopping power. also the recoil is a push instead of a snap which helps with the accuracy of my double taps. HK45 is just as reliable as a glocks are. 1911 can jam at time bout that is mainly for not cleaning it or you have a bad mag. the only time my 1911 jammed was because i was using some el cheapo mag. I only us Wilson combat mags and it never jams. The M&P is the perfect size to fit in you pocket. if you go somewhere that you will have to wear real light cloths or dont have a belt the M&P is perfect because it fits in your pocket with a pocket holster.

the G26 is a great gun though and i would have no problem carrying it.

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