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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
Aoki is not the best at grappling. While he is good if someone engages him, without his little pants he is incapable of getting the top of the division fighters to the ground.

What world champs has Aoki ever beaten?

You inexplicably left Stevenson and Florain off of BJ's list.

Also most of the guys you listed have fought mostly in Japan. These guys fight lesser competition over there and build up their records, but can't hang with the elite in the UFC or Strikeforce. Melendez easily beat Aoki and Edgar, Penn, Maynard, and Florian would beat him easily as well.
what world titles in MMA has Stevenson and Florian won?
Please dont tell your counting TUF as a world titles yea right.
How is it that there is lesser comp in Japan. Everytime i check fighters that try to swing over to Japan dont do so.
If that was the case how come Melendaz couldnt beat Ishida the 1st time? Or Randleman beat Nakamura, Liddell beating Rampage. I could go on and on with this list but the Nationalism and Elitism is highly evident in your post. As far as im concerned its a two way street. Think about how many U.S champs are there in Japan? If they were so good then maybe they can reign supreme but they dont. If jake sheilds was so good, how come he couldnt keep is Shooto title?

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