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Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
I think its the other way around if THEY want Aoki's top ten spot, THEY have to beat Aoki. You got it all sorts of twisted. And there are several things wrong with that list beside the UFC favoritism
Its not UFC favoritism I just think Aoki is garbage. I think there are more SF fighters besides Melendez who whoop him to, like Thompson and Noons.

1. No Ben Henderson?
I was just saying who in the UFC would beat him, I also think Bendo could but that is neither here nor there.
2.We seen what happens when Joe daddy goes up against a good grappler, imagation what happens if Aoki gets a hold of him

Its a lot easier to avoid somebody when you not worried about them punching you in the face, Kenny threatened with strikes which makes it much easier to take somebody down.

3. Sanchez is Welterweight He fought at LW before and should be moving back after his last fight.

4.Griffen? Really?
Griffen has faily good boxing and good enough wrestling to prevent being taken down. Your really underestimating how much easier it is to stuff a TD when you know what they are trying. Why do you think Maia had nothing for Silva?

5 Gomi has shown that the ground game is his weakness. Aoki would just make it more obvious
If Gomi is on he can avoid the TD long enough to knock Aoki out. This one is admittedly little iffy because it depends on how Gomi shows up.
4.Nate Diaz is welterweight He had two fights at WW and despite the fact I think its a better fit for him he has stated he intends to move back down.
5.If Ken-flo doesnt get stage fright, he might stand a chance This is the kind of fight Kenny is made for its not stage fright Kenny just looks great kicking B fighters asses.
6. Guida is too damn reckless, Ken-Flo made him pay.
Again Kenny is dangerous cause he can stand and grapple, the fact Aoki can't threaten with Strikes makes his game so predictable that he is easy to avoid.
7. If Sherk can layoff the juice. And beside his only wins worth metion is over Karo, Gamburyan, Ken-Flo and Franca. All by descions and by most peoples standard (not mine) that not all that impressive is it? Sherk has great wrestling and solid boxing, Aoki is no taking him down which means he is getting peppered. Every single one of Sherks losses is to a former of current champ, he has wins over Tyson Griffen, Karo, Kenny, Nick Diaz and Benji Radach. Sherk is a tough SOB and people seem to have forgotten just how good Sherk was.

Soti, Edgar, Maynard and maybe BJ at this point are the only legit compition teh UFC has for Aoki.

Aoki doesn't stand a chance against any of those guys, BJ would decimate Aoki so bad it wouldn't even be funny. BJ is probably just as good a grappler as Aoki never mind the top notch TD defense and packing more than enough stand up skill and power to send Aoki's lights out. If Mach made him bawl like a baby BJ would make him cry like a 5 year old girl who has been covered in gasoline and lit on fire.

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