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Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
what world titles in MMA has Stevenson and Florian won?
Please dont tell your counting TUF as a world titles yea right.
My point was that none of the fighters you mentioned outside of Penn, Edgar, and Melendez have held a title that means anything.

Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
How is it that there is lesser comp in Japan. Everytime i check fighters that try to swing over to Japan dont do so.
If that was the case how come Melendaz couldnt beat Ishida the 1st time? Or Randleman beat Nakamura, Liddell beating Rampage. I could go on and on with this list but the Nationalism and Elitism is highly evident in your post. As far as im concerned its a two way street. Think about how many U.S champs are there in Japan? If they were so good then maybe they can reign supreme but they dont. If jake sheilds was so good, how come he couldnt keep is Shooto title?
It's not nationalism it's the truth. When I am referring to Japan's promotions, I am talking about post PRIDE. During PRIDE Japan did have a lot of viable talent. Also Randleman isn't any good by the way. Rampage fights in the UFC, so maybe you should go on and on. Oh also Melendez was robbed against Ishida. The reason why there aren't US champs in Japan is that the best fighters are here, so they don't go there to fight lesser competition. Jake Shields was not a top fighter 6 years ago. Fighters take time to develop. Is that the best you can do? Find a fight from 6 years ago?

As far as Japanese promotion stars, lets look at some that happened recently and not 6 years ago:

Zaromskis lost twice in Strikeforce
We found out that King Mo and Moussasi aren't as good as Feijao
And of course Aoki got owned by Melendez.

Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
I think its the other way around if THEY want Aoki's top ten spot, THEY have to beat Aoki. You got it all sorts of twisted. And there are several things wrong with that list beside the UFC favoritism
1. No Ben Henderson?
2.We seen what happens when Joe daddy goes up against a good grappler, imagation what happens if Aoki gets a hold of him
3. Sanchez is Welterweight
4.Griffen? Really?
5 Gomi has shown that the ground game is his weakness. Aoki would just make it more obvious
4.Nate Diaz is welterweight
5.If Ken-flo doesnt get stage fright, he might stand a chance
6. Guida is too damn reckless, Ken-Flo made him pay.
7. If Sherk can layoff the juice. And beside his only wins worth metion is over Karo, Gamburyan, Ken-Flo and Franca. All by descions and by most peoples standard (not mine) that not all that impressive is it?
Soti, Edgar, Maynard and maybe BJ at this point are the only legit compition teh UFC has for Aoki.
1. Ben Henderson could whip Aoki too
2. Joe Daddy wouldn't grapple. He'd simply use his wrestling not to get taken down and punch Aoki Melendez stle.
3. For now he is, but he hasn't faired too well, so he might move back down.
4. Griffen's wrestling would keep him standing, because Aoki can't take anyone down. US refs don't allow butt scooting. So he gets picked apart just like he did against Melendez.
5. Again Aoki can't get Gomi down

I decided to use numbers correctly

6. Nate Diaz said that he would like to move back down to LW for some big fights.

6. Guida would punch Aoki not go to the ground with him
7. Kenny wouldn't be afraid of a Aoki, because he's less dangerous than Gomi.
8. Really you still believe that Sherk tested positive? A win is win, it doesn't matter if it's a decision.
9. You're right that Edgar, Penn, and Soti would beat him, but so would Dunham.
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