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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
My point was that none of the fighters you mentioned outside of Penn, Edgar, and Melendez have held a title that means anything.

A world titles is a world title regardless of the Promotion. To say otherwise insults every none UFC champion.
So Overeem, Fedor, Bigfoot, Hansen Mousasi,KID, etc are garbage because their not Zuffa fighter.
That is the biggest double standard I ever heard. If GSP, Silva, Shogun and Lensar were to loss their respective titles did they have a bad night? Was it a fluck? Did their oppenant cheat? NO
More than likey Zuffa writers i.e Sherdog would say that they had some BS injury, they werent in top form and every other excuse they can come up with. But when a top ten fighter outside of Zuffa loses a fight he is a "can" i.e Fedor, Aoki, Mousasi, King Mo etc. SUCH BULLSHIT. The lack of equality amoung rankings is whats tearing up MMA these days. Every biased " Zuffa Zombie" (bloodstainlane came up with that one) writer and blogger has to bash fighters outside the UFC and the reason people believe them is because there is some many writers doing it.
Its bias posts like yours and Zuffa Zombie writers like them that make your arguement less convincing.
Worst then FOX news, I swear.

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