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Originally Posted by _RIVAL_ View Post
Nah you're the one twisting it. I gave you an exact and perfect example of what you were saying.

The shoe fits on both feet. They both freakin suck. Matter of fact any fighter who's ever had his game played better sucks in the mma community...

Good thing A Silva pulled off that triangle or he'd suck too.
No Aoki's problem has he only has one game and he is not that good at getting the fight down. He needs it down but can't do it. its incredibly hard to take a guy down when you do not have good take downs and you can't even strike good enough to set it up. I would call his striking horrible but fighters like Demian Maia with horrible striking would be offended. Andy fighter in the US with a wrestling base is gonna be able to keep it standing, any fighter with a good jab is gonna be able to maintain distance. Alvarez would beat Aoki down if that fight happened in SF (I still think Alvarez is a little overrated as well). The unified rules get a lot of flack for favoring wrestlers but the Japanese scene is just as bad for favoring Aoki. How does he not earn a yellow card scooting around on his butt? Aoki is the single most overrated fighter not only in the LHW division but in MMA overall. In a grappling match Aoki could probably destroy 99% of the division (really BJ and Vitor Riberio are the only real challenges I can see) but in MMA he should be forced to bring the fight there not just scoot around on his butt throwing a temper tantrum trying to get the fight to the ground. I don't understand how the japanese can punish wrestlers for stalling if they just hold there opponent down to prevent them from doing anything from the bottom but allow Aoki to scoot on his butt in order merely prevent his opponent from being able to expose his shit striking. Actually I do understand its blatant favortism for there poster boy.

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