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Originally Posted by jayjay
thanks i am going to stick with the mauy thai it just is really confusing cause i do not even know the right stance or how to kick and punch the right way i thought that i would first be taught the right stance and once i got it i would move on from there i really want to learn the art the right way i am so used to being on the ground or stand up grappling that i am not used to a striking art but is this how mauy thai is usually taught the mauy thai instructers name is Christian "King cobra" Toleque he is the 2001 USA extreme challenge champion he also is the Shin do Kumate cruiserwieght title belt champion with a record of 23-0 and the boxing coach at the school is Howard Davis Jr. he is the olympic gold medalist 1976 games and recieved the val baker award for most outstanding boxer with a record of 36-6-1 14 KO's maybe you know about them so from what i told you about the class does it sound like what i explained about the mauy thai class is how it is usually taught? i want to have good hand and leg speed with a good stand up and be in good shape from what i told you if you were in my position do you think i will benefit? i want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions so i really need a stand up because right now i have nothing
well alot of school you kinda just enter and just pick up as you go along.. the instructors cover the basics one day and more advanced skills another.. so give it some time.. if your still lost and confused.. ask the instructor to go over some stuff with you.. or ask one of the more advanced students if they can work with you.. in a good school this is encouraged and most people will be willing to help.

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