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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
This is a subject that I am truly an expert on. I always say "Quitting's easy, I do it all the time. But seriously I have quit by every method known including hypnosis.

forget about the patch and the nicotine gum and anything else that has nicotine in it. You're simply changing the delivery system, you're still getting the drug you're addicted to. The first time that patch or nicotine gum isn't handy you'll do what addicts do.

The only thing I have found to be effective is a prescription drug called CHANTIX. that stuff works. It blocks the receptors in you brain from receiving and enjoying the nicotine. You simply stop enjoying it, suddenly cigarettes taste as nasty and disgusting as they really are.

After 2-4 days of taking the pills, if you're a heavy smoker, you'll cut your smoking by 50-75% without trying or stressing. You'll simply forget to light one up. This is when you plan your quit day. I recommend a Saturday (if you work monday-friday). Lock yourself in your house with your favorite pastime and give away your car keys. With the chantix I experience 1 day of moderate stress very easy to deal with if there are no idiots around me.(can't do it at work) The chantix makes it so easy for me it's like going cold turkey without .....the turkey I guess. after two days all of the nicotine and much of the tar and toxins are out of your blood and you can actually feel more oxygen in your blood! To me, that feeling is so wonderful with the chantix help it's easy from there. They say to keep taking it for 3 months but after 2 weeks you forget about the cigs and the pills. After that only a life shattering trauma/drama or drinking with friends or a beautiful woman that smokes or............. well I'm an expert because I have so many excuses. My last excuse was **** it I still have some chantix left I'll quit again tomorrow.
I quit cold turkey...with blow pops lol.....but I have a couple friends that used chantix and it worked great......only one guy didnt quit after taking it because he just simply didnt want to quit....but I noticed when he started back smoking he would lite up on smoke maybe 4 or 5 drags off it and put it out. He didnt smoke a whole one until a few days later when the drug got out of his system....
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