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Originally Posted by Darkwarrior
Hey Guys, I was hoping some of you could help me out.
This coming Saturday i'll be fighting in my first Semi-Pro MMA fight (semi-pro in that it's MMA but no head strikes allowed on the ground.)

I've trained and dieted my ass off for this so I'm really hoping to win as you can imagine. I walk around at about 165 - 168 and cut to 155 to fight.
As soon as I started dieting (just eating good nutritious foods, pretty much paleo style but with a bowl of porrdidge in the morning ) my body fat just fell off and although I was getting carbs only from fresh fruit and veg sources (no bread, rice, pasta whatsoever) my energy was as good if not way better than usual. In fact i dropped a few pounds UNDER the required weight and still felt really strong! My coach then reccommended I put more carbs back in so wholemeal bread and potatoes etc were back on the menu - and thankfully my weight didn't fluctuate too much.

Everything went really well overall until last week (the 5th week of hard training and dieting) when i started feeling very tired and run down during the day sometimes all day, I was too exhausted to train on wednesday for example.

My first question to you all would be is this normal?
Secondly, could it have anything to do with putting carbs back in or is it just because my body is tired after training twice a day, 6 days a week for 5 weeks???
Thirdly what advice do you have for me and MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT SHOULD I EAT now that in the 6th and final week, the training will be very relaxed and will stop altogether on wednesday before I weigh in Saturday morning and fight Saturday night?
(I don't wanna put on any weight, currently i'm at the required weight)

Thanks to those who read all of this and I'd appreciate your comments.
well protiens are always good.. you will need carbs for energy.. to keep better track of what your actually putting in.. have you looked into meal replacement bars such as Myoplex ( a bra I have used personaly, plus tastes pretty food) this way you know exactly whats going in.. they are a good balance of nutrients and carbs and protiens..

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