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Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
look at Aoki 1st 15 fights. You mean to tell me the Soti, Mach, Hansen and Kuuchki twice isnt tough compition.
And you guys have an Elitist attitude about whos tough compitition and whos not. IMO is fair ground. Like i said before, if Japan has LESSER compition, why dont fighters from the US come and prove them wrong? Because they fail most of the time and vice versa. No country has better fighter than the other. And i dont see why America is acting so damn high and mighty when most of there champs are Brazillian
The Japanese want Japanese hero's so they produce them by giving them easy fights or at least fights that stylistically are good for them. They also structure the rules to give the Japanese who are typically horrible wrestlers an advantage.

Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
Another promblem is fan loyalty. Since Aoki lost he is a scrub? Why going into the Kawajiri fight i was rooting for Aoki.
Is it because he is a non-Zuffa fighter. I smell Zuffa-Zombies.
Any promo outside of the UFC has "lesser" compition because big bad Dana says so.
The reason people believe this is other promos have a hard time getting the word out in America since its UFC territory.
I bet you over-seas in Asia the UFC is having a harder time getting the word out since its DREAM/WVR territory.
It has nothing to do with "Zufaa Zombies" I don't care were you fight but fight on an even playing field (fighting a Japanese fighter in Japan has not been a fair fight since Pancrease.) Aoki has won one fight that wasn't a great match up for him to get a win. That was against Alvarez were he was allowed to basically scoot around stalling to get it to the ground explain to me how the same country that punishes wrestlers for stalling can see that as anything different? Oh yeah cause most wrestlers aren't Japanese but Aoki is. He will never be allowed to do that outside Japan and he will run into a lot more fighters with solid wrestling who he can't take down. Thats not blind following the UFC its not being oblivious to the fact that MMA in Japan has always been corrupt and the fact that outside Japan Aoki will always look as threatening as a gaggle of baby geese.

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