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Originally Posted by The Amarok View Post
Another promblem is fan loyalty. Since Aoki lost he is a scrub? Why going into the Kawajiri fight i was rooting for Aoki.
Is it because he is a non-Zuffa fighter. I smell Zuffa-Zombies.
Any promo outside of the UFC has "lesser" compition because big bad Dana says so.
The reason people believe this is other promos have a hard time getting the word out in America since its UFC territory.
I bet you over-seas in Asia the UFC is having a harder time getting the word out since its DREAM/WVR territory.
No promotions outside of the UFC and Strikforce have lesser competition because it's the truth. The reason Aoki hasn't made his way state side is that he will get beaten by the top guys here, so he hides in DREAM. When DREAM dies, he'll go to Sengoku.
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