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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
Dam lol, come on it was very very borderline on the edge of Porn but I would not have called that pic porn, seriously tho we all guys here and all have the internet so its not as if we have not all seen way worse before, I mean come on who on here has not seriously seen women doing it with horses before I know Joe Rogan has, he even admitted it on you tube lol check the link if you dont believe me, but I warn you I would not dive further into watching what Rogan is watching else you will be disturbed lol
its these times when i see others reactions that i wonder what level of disgusting my mind has become.. the first time i watched 2 girls 1 cup i was eating oats and i never stopped eating the entire time. the guy who was showing me gagged and just walked out. i was more disgusted by the girls than the icecream shit eating. nasty ass hoes, their crabs probably have genital warts.

edit: BME was wayy worse imo

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