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Its been a little bit since I'd posted so I'm not really sure where to begin. So I'll just dive in and hope I don't drown...

For the past week or so I've been reluctant to hit my bag. Its a water bag and due to some re-he-he-he-tarded design flaw included some kind of metal housing around the top rim, and because I hadn't managed to lift the bag higher, head level, was along this metal housing. Which meant every time I threw a lead hook, WHAM, right into metal. At first it was no big deal, but a combination of softening up my 16 0Zers and (if I do say so my ego stroking self) a better develop lead hook, have lead to what may be permanent damage to my 1st knuckle. Its constantly sore, and on impact it shocks all the way through my hand. Its rediculously annoying, but now that I've managed to get my bag raised about 3-4 inches, the torture is over!
Since I wasn't hitting the bag as much with the lead hook, I was working more heavily on in-and-out straight punch combos. My footwork has always been a little goofy, I change stances in the middle of a combination without even thinking on a regular basis. Usually it happens when I throw the cross or overhand. I've tried to stop it but its pretty much a moot point. Years of muscle memory and natural tendancies aren't going anywhere anytime soon! But I sometimes won't, with this in mind I have been working on developing my regular footwork. The subtle stepping in and out of range and coming out at angle, while mixing various straight punches to the head and the full range to the body. With the bag fixed I am rather pumped to get home from work and start mixing rotational punches to the head into this traditional style footwork.

My head movement has always been very meh, going back to the high school years to my early days of Boxing when I didn't have a clue, had an open guard and got busted in the face on the reg! Now I get tagged much less often, but this only because I'm very active with my standing guard, and my footwork has improved. However footwork only works to get you in and out. And an active guard can only do so much. I need to develop better head movement! Its time to open up the research bank known as the "intra-neet" and see what I can find for training aids!

Aside from all my irrelevent revelations, yesterday I worked out with my training partner. We did some padwork, takedowns, and submission grappling. The padwork as nice because the combination I kept going back to was a combination of footwork, head movement, and it was a decently length combo. It was jab-jab-bob counter cross-cross-jab-cross whil emoving across the floor in an arc. It felt pretty good. But I almost blasted my training partner in the face more than once (forgot to aim for pads, aimed for him) good thing he's quick!

During the takedowns I proved again why I stick to the body lock-hip toss/leg sweep combo. He attempted maybe seven takdowns that actually got beyond the sprawl, with three successful. I managed one takedown on three attempted.

When we got into the submission grappling, he managed another takdown but I was able to keep him at bay with a butterfly guard. I haven't the foggiest why I relied on butterfly when I wasn't trying to get back to my feet. Rubber is so much more effective for ground control while one plans his next move. But none the less, I managed an attempt at getting back to my feet after what felt like fifteen years on my back, but I ended up falling into a guillotine like an amateur! For the second go round. He attempted a takedown which I sprawled and turned into a body clinch. He attempted a leg sweep, but I used the movement of his sweep attempt to hip toss into side control. I secured his leg, effectively putting myself in chest to chest half guard. He attempted a sweep but I had secured control of his opposite side arm and has begun rolling it back for a kimura. He couldn't finish the sweep because to do it, he'd effectively sink the sub for me. He attempted to roll to the other side, but I slipped back into side control to stop him. While he was turned the other way I sinched the kimura, and felt something pop in his shoulder, he tapped. He was fine, it scared the living shit out of me though! We then headed to the kitchen to feast upon meat and fruit.

On to psyche! Why can't I see a demon? I keep going to all these f*cking movies about demons and devils, and all I see are shadows on a door, or a vague image inside a wall of fire. Just once i want to see some huge sinewy monster with leathery wings, fangs, red eyes, and charred black skin. Is that so much to f*cking ask of hollywood?

Oh also: Swiss Rolls are the devil. That is all.

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