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I think a more important issue is the spinning itself.

Its okay to occasionally throw a kick with enough oumph to actually have to spin around to bleed off the energy of the kick. But in most cases, a kick like that shouldn't be thrown unless your opponent is already on the ropes. Throwing your whole heart and soul(and full body-weight) into a kick that you can't stop won't win the fight, it'll get you countered as you're spinning around. Throwing yourself off balance just to finish will get you finished.

Advice I can offer: Work on throwning the kick from a more rooted stance. Work on bending slightly at the knee and flexing the muscles of the planting leg, and most importantly, learn to control your own momentum. Controlling your momentum first by throwing leg kicks with the leg that's causing you trouble, then move to body kicks, then to head kicks, but focus completely on countering the rotation with the planting leg to keep yourself from spinning out of your stance. Hope I was helpful.

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