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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
I still disagree.I didn't say anything about wild or unintelligent. I'm saying that if you don't have the timing and technique to throw that kick with the badest of bad intentions then you are much better of with your feet under you. If you throw a leg kick it should be a shin drive trying to cripple your opponent. I've seen a few guys, myself included get ko'd by a head kick that they blocked with proper technique. if you can't kick like that keep your feet on the ground and throw hands in a real fight.

He is. I just like picking on squirrel.
Listen, yours and my opinions on kicking style aside, this guy's problem was the point. He can't stay in balance when he throws a kick, spinning around like a deranged top more than once or twice a fight, to the point where He's making himself dizzy and its becoming a commonality, WILL get him countered and knocked the f*ck out.

If you can't control your own power, you shouldn't throw with power UNTIL you can control it. Anything else is lazy training technique. And there is nothing in all the world I hate more than lazy technique.

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