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Originally Posted by gino16 View Post
You dont wanna do to many classes dude... Maybe do 2...
If ur gonna fight mma, doing BJJ is a must, that and some form of stand up.
Alright then, I might look into doing BJJ along with Muay Thai for the time being.
I'm curious on getting peoples on what they think the best stand up is for a tall person with good reach?

Originally Posted by gino16 View Post
You dont necessaraly need to be "big", rather strong especially through the core. Some of the biggest dudes i know who can bench press a house struggle getting out from bottom position etc
So id focus on Core excercises, and compound movements like deadlifts and squats and benchpress...
You're not the first person to mention to me the importance of a strong core. I'll google your exercise suggestions and look to include them with my current routines.
I might be asking a stupid question here but do you know if there tends to be a maximum height for lower weight classes?

Originally Posted by gino16 View Post
Smoking is something that you would obviously wanna kick...
everyone has to start somewhere bro.. Good luck
Thanks man, when I start making any kind of progress i'll let you know.
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