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Originally Posted by recon6991 View Post
Yea it really is, this time next year I am hoping to be doing the same thing but along the Pacific Rim, get to Thailand, China, Hong Kong etc. Just locked down an internship for next summer up in Boston and got my plane tickets to Australia for spring break!

Got really hammered last night and was not expecting to lift today, but I woke up feeling great.

Clean grip front squat
worked up to 315x3x6 - on the 6th rep of the last set I really lost focus and got loose, had to drop the weight, and somehow, it bounced from the safety pins into my chin... Got a nice little bump there now. Hurt a lot less than I was anticipating though.

did 205x3
took my 3 attempts to get 225x1. I was not pulling it hard enough into my belly to be able to get underneath it. On the third attempt I pulled it as if I was pulling straight through myself and it hurt a little but i f*ckin got it.

rotator cuff/forearm/core

weight is about 200 - lower than it has been in a while so i am thinking lifting+booze+hot women=success. going to have to find a way to maintain this lifestyle stateside
AUS and Thailand are absolutely amazing! I was able to go there during my time active duty with the Navy You will never want to leave Australia... The women will be ALL OVER YOU. They love American men more than the Japanese women love us and that is scary :P

Anyways what do you power clean usually? I just hit a new PR and was curious where I am standing compared to you lol.

"A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood." - General George Patton
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