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Well, I've just gotten home and I'm gonna try to explain how guns are seen/used in Europe - or at least in Denmark where I live

Growing up we all play cops and robbers, soldiers and bad guys, what ever (At least the boys do).
During the days I grew up I never, NEVER saw a gun, never heard of anyone having a gun and that's about it... I think that when I saw my first gun in the flesh (metal?) I was 19 or 20 years of age...
You can have a gun and you can carry it, but of course it requires a license like I think it does almost everywhere... These licenses though are only available for people who use guns in their line of work (Soldiers, policemen etc.) So in everyday life, guns are unheard of and illegal to boot... Policemen don't carry heat while off-duty, because there's no need to...

Gang-activities and illegal firearms are slighty on the rise but not a big deal, very few instances of people using guns in gang-related incidents. Here it generally goes "You won't find trouble unless you're looking for it."

The whole "USA is drowning in guns" thing is from my point of view, sadly true... But, people like the members of this forum wouldn't have to buy guns in order to feel safe if there wasn't a problem in the first place, so I don't blame you guys... If I knew that I could be confronted by a guy with a gun while on my way home I would do everything in my power to feel safe as well... Luckily we don't have that here...
If two people have an issue they can't solve with their words they go outside and throw fists, that's it... I've been in several fights, where afterwards the loser buys the winner a beer and we all laugh about it...

The way I look at it, we also have violence here... Our violence is just less violent than yours :P

When someone gets shot here, no matter where in the country it gets several pages in the paper, that's how rare it is

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