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Sun 9-05: 4 mile run.
Mon: rested. Dojo closed.
Tue: 4 mile run, 15 min bike.
Wed: jump rope/plank/situp/pushup, then "10s" wherein you jab cross round kick once, then twice, then 3x, etc. This is an awesome warmup. Even my partner, who has two amateur fights that she won in the 2nd round by KO, and has another one coming up on the 18th, was tested by it. Then kick shield drills and some guard passes involving wrist control.
Thur: 3.5 mile run, then judo which was cardio drills, then a static throwing rotation, then butsu gari gaiko, then we worked on tae otoshi. It's my sensei's sensei's tokuiwaza, although he prefers the one-handed variety. Then some ground work. Great practice.
Fri: rested; I have that kind-of-getting-sick feeling that more sleep often alleviates.
Sat.: rested

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