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Originally Posted by rockybalboa25 View Post
Why would he get a title shot for beating two unranked WWs or a LW? That makes no sense. He would have to beat Fitch, Kos, Alves, Kampmann, or Shields to even be in the discussion.
Same reason Shogun got his shot for beating two guys on their way out of the UFC, the bar is always lower for a draw. I think Hughes is being set up as an injury replacement contender, someone gets hurt Hughes will come in and fight for the title. So I believe the UFC will protect him by not giving him a fight he has no chance at winning.

Jake Shields will likely get a shot at GSP next so the timing won't work out. I could see him fighting Hughes but I don't think Dana would sign off on it. It seems to me you are going to see Shields Kampmann/GSP/Fitch.

Kampmann is only in the top ten by default, I'm going to go by the logic that he will be losing to Shields and he might be pushed out of the top 15.

Kos has his title shot set up for him, I'm also assuming that Dan Hardy is going after him next with a loss.

Alves has issues, he may never fight at WW again. Fighting once a year and missing weight are big issues. Right now Alves is the guy who if a guy in the UFC is on steroids it's Alves. So I don't even know how long Alves is going to stay in the UFC or at WW.

Diego Sanchez needs to beat Paulo Thiago but once or if that happens he's going to be ranked again and fairly highly. Nate Diaz should be ranked after his last two performances, I can see him getting hot-shoted a title.

The entire Welterweight Division is going to be re-organized after October don't be shocked if you don't see three or four guys move up in the rankings and other guys move out.
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