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Been a lil' bit.

I'm up in weight. Probably 215-220, haven't weighed myself today or in the past day or two. The more and more I think about it, the more and more ok I think I'd be with fighting at heavyweight. I'm still going to try to get Light Heavy/Middleweight, but if I fight at Heavy, I fight at Heavy. I just need to keep working my cardio drills and such to burn off some excess weight, and keep tryin' to stack on muscle. If I fight at Heavy, I'd like to be a lean 220 or so. At this point, I'm kind of just prescribing to the words of my sifu, which were basically "Forget your weight and train. The weight problem will take care of itself."

I've been kind of ill lately. I'm not sure if I'm actually ill, or it's my allergies. Either way, whatever's got me down, has me ridiculously dehydrated at basically all times. I'm busting my ass trying to take in as much water and tea as I can, but it's not really cutting it. Hopefully once the weather finishes changing, this will be less of an issue. But for now, I've been having a nightmare of a time mustering the energy to train, and when I do, I'm having trouble mustering the energy to commit to the act. THEREFORE. My lifting schedule was off at the end of last week/beginning of this week.

Sunday I did my back/bicep (pull) workout, which was supposed to be on Friday. I was being especially lazy about the bicep stuff. Here's how it looked:

Seated Dumbbell Curls: 3 sets @ 10 reps @ 20lbs
Barbell Curls: 3 sets @ 8 reps @ 65lbs
Preacher Curls: 3 sets @ 10 reps @ 60lbs
10 reps @ 135lbs
8 reps @ 155lbs
6 reps @ 175lbs
4 reps @ 195lbs
2 reps @ 215lbs
1 rep @ 235lbs
Deadlifts(part 1) :
10 reps @ 185lbs
8 reps @ 205lbs
6 reps @ 225lbs
4 reps @ 245lbs
2 reps @ 265lbs
1 rep @ 285lbs
Deadlifts(part 2) :
3 reps @ 300lbs
3 reps @ 300lbs
1 rep @ 300lbs

I miscalculated; My first set of deadlifts was suppposed to hit 300lbs for its 1 rep, but I screwed that up, and realized it too late. But I really wanted to hit that big money weight, so I decided to do a 3x3. Obviously, was just way too beat down by the end of it to finish it.

Also, earlier on back day I hit the bag for about 25 minutes. It was a fairly weak session with not too much real improvement - not any worth noting anyway.

Only gear I used on back day was lifting gloves. Looking at switching to and buying chalk and straps next week maybe.


Monday was supposed to be legs. I did nothing on Monday, however. So, I did legs today instead.

10 reps @ 135lbs
8 reps @ 185lbs
6 reps @ 205lbs
4 reps @ 225lbs
2 reps @ 245lbs

(I didn't get proper form on my second squat @ 245, so I didn't even waste my time or energy [or endanger myself] trying a single rep @ 265lbs.)

Standing Calf Raise: 3 sets @ 20 reps @ bw+90lbs
(two 45lb plates in hand)

Leg Curls:
10 reps @ 70lbs
8 reps @ 90lbs
3 reps @ 95lbs +3 attempts that came close but failed to achieve lockout

Leg Extension:
10 reps @ 70lbs
8 reps @ 100lbs
6 reps @ 130lbs

Dumbbell Reverse Lunges:
3 sets @10 reps (per leg) @ 20lbs(x2)
(I wrapped the handles of the dumbbells with towels to work my grip a little more.)

For my muscle isolation exercises I'm trying to stick to 10/8/6, but I just screwed up on Sunday when I did biceps. My heavy compound lifts I'm trying to do a short pyramid by two's with a single rep to top it off (10/8/6/4/2/1).

Also today I jumped rope. I did five, two minute rounds with 30 second breaks between. This is the first time since probably grade school that I've very seriously tried to jump rope, so it was a little awkward here and there. I also think my rope's too short, but ah well. This was really hard on my cardio, in a good way, so there was probably a total of about a minute (over the course of those ten minutes) of me just trying to catch my breath.

As well as the jump roping, I also did seven, three minute rounds on the heavy bag, with 30 second breaks. I was aiming for ten rounds, but I got into my eighth round and just crapped out. I didn't count the minute or whatever I got into my eighth.

This morning, I got to work with a buddy of mine. Mainly he practiced throws on me, and I got to do about 20 minutes or so of padwork. Nothing special, but a nice little sweat.

I know I've mentioned dropping leg extensions/curls out of my leg routine, but I saw BJ Penn doing them. So for now, I'm going to leave them in while I investigate some more.

I haven't been running.

Diet's been ok so far this week. Lots of water. Haven't been taking whey in a long while, but just been stacking on the meats hardcore. Looking to get some whey next week, at which point I'll be doing strength training probably five days a week.

I think there's some more I'd like to mention, but that's more than enough for one post.
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