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Originally Posted by watitdo
^ What the fu*k are you talking about? Do you know what sparring is? It's like a boxing match....but in my case, I go 60% because i'm wearing some f*cking 4oz gloves and I don't want to knock out my sparring partner. It's called training for a reason...What else do you want to know? I use my 14oz gloves for boxing/muay thai training..workout. With mma gloves.....basically sparr with the gloves...and you use something called brazilian jiu jitsu. MMA TRAINING.
whoa... take a deep breath in, and let it out slow ...
i ask a simple question (because i am stupid) and you get sooooooo upset at me you feel the need start cussing...

you said my point i was putting out by saying, "I use my 14oz gloves for boxing/muay thai training..workout."

"every second your not training, he is..... and he is doing it, just to kick your ass"
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