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Today, for strength training, was chest and triceps (press). I really can't say anything precise, as I was lifting with both of my brothers and the whole thing was pretty chaotic. I can say that I did higher numbers on my flat bench press, which is very positive. I failed a little bit on my skullcrushers, but I've just always been terrible at skullcrushers. It's not even bad triceps I don't think, I can do double the weight on overhead exstensions than I can on skullcrushers, it's just something about skullcrushers, I fail at.

I jump roped (jumped rope?) again today. I feel like this is wicked cardio, and I'll continue to do this everyday. Someday, I'll actually bring myself to go for a run. Same thing as yesterday; five, two minute rounds with 30 second breaks between.

I worked the bag as well today (as I will try to do everyday until the day I die or quit the lifestyle). For today, I tried to focus on a different combination or attack pattern for each round. Some things I focused on each round:

1. Lead left jab with right to body, alternating between right crosses and right hooks. Also alternating the style of hook between a very deep hooking, horizontal fist hook. And a vertical fist, more shovel hook-like hook. I spent another round doing the same thing, except with the right going to the head. Same alternatives with the right as above.

2. Spinning side kick. I focused on my right (my back) leg, but I also threw a few from my left leg. I think the left, lead leg spinning side kick is weaker than with the right, of course, but it's good to have variety, so I'll keep training it. I was surprised with how hard my spinning side kicks were landing with the right leg. I wasn't getting full extension in the least bit, and it still felt nice an' gooey.

3. Low side kicks to the legs. I worked on doing stationary, lead leg side kicks. I also did turning side kicks with my right leg. And to a lesser extent, I did some shuffle in side kicks. I enjoy these quite a bit. I'm a little bit in danger of getting clipped by punches when using them, but I can keep my guard up while doing them almost entirely. The downward angle lets me generate a lot of speed and power with them, and put a ton of my weight on it. I've got to think that if I tag someone with a couple of these early on, they'll be fairly more nervous about trying to throw fists with me, since my fists won't be the only threat at that range.

4. Side kicks; I did turning side kicks to the body only, as I wasn't quite able to achieve head kicks with them while keeping the kind of balance I want/need. Threw stationary as well as shuffle-in side kicks to both body and head. I keep stepping back and to my right after throwing a very solid side kick - which inspired me to work out a combo that would in essence be, throwing the side kick, but immediately after my step back, throw a low spinning back kick. The mere threat of that low spinning back kick catching my opponent could keep him off me for that split second or two where I might be at a disadvantage/on the retreat.

5. Side kicks; Stationary and shuffle-in. I threw these only to the head. I was trying to throw them at as close of range as I possibly could without jamming. What I was trying to do was angle them up and in so that they could possibly go straight down the pipe, so to speak, slipping right through the guard and landing perfectly under the chin. (Side kick uppercut, anyone?) Enjoyable to throw, and nice to have the variety even if they are only so so right now. They definitely need work, because throwing them at that range definitely leaves me susceptable to punches.

6. Inside crescent kicks, with right leg only. I use to train these with both legs, from lead leg and back. Lately though I've just been trying to perfect myself from an orthodox stance. So today, I threw a couple left lead leg inside crescents, but mainly stuck to right back leg inside crescents. These felt ok. Fast, but weak power. Maybe enough power to daze someone, but def' not a knockout, and probably not much more than a dazing blow. But, a good point earner and good for mixing into hand combos in the future.

7. Roundhouse kicks; One round was all low roundhouse kicks to the legs. My rear leg feels pretty solid and decently quick. My lead leg has a little less bite, but it's quicker and cuts more of an odd angle, making it harder to pick up on, I think. Another round was spent on roundhouses; except this second round I threw them only to the body. I feel like my left lead roundhouse needs serious work. It cuts that weird angle and has some speed, but really, not enough power to be worth throwing to the body, basically a head or leg only kick right now. My right rear leg roundhouse to the body felt good though. Was leaving nice shin shaped dents in the bag and getting the old boy rocking what good.

8. Then I spent a round or two just freestyling with my hands. Nothing especially notable about this, I was just trying to finish strong and keep sweating. Really kind of pushed my endurance though.

I can't remember if I explained it, but in March is a Sanda tournament I hope and plan to fight in. I know it's the biggest sanda tournament in my state, and I think it's in the top 5 in the US for major sanda tourneys. So, this shit is kind of serious business. Slowly but surely, I'll be increasing the intensity, length, and difficulty of my workouts. I plan to do that on and for all fronts; technique, cardio, strength, and everything in between.
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