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Originally Posted by KnockinUout View Post
Went to the range again and did so much better. It is amazing, Out of no where it felt like something entered my brain and gave me some common sence. After doing a quick few shots I had a new feel for the gun. I learned to squeeze the trigger and not just pull it and got my breathing down a little better. The bullet actually goes where I aim it now not just somewhere in the general target area. I am excited to go back and try to shoot from the max yards because I was hitting center at half way. The sport of this is really getting ahold of me but just have to find rounds cheaper. It is to easy to shoot 100 rounds and that cost $30. I want to shoot atleast twice a week and thats $60 a week $240 a month plus gas. If i join the club around here they give %10 off on case ammo so I might need to check how cheap that is. They also have an MP5K for rent. I was a big modern warefare fan and loved that gun. Anyone shoot one of those? I am wondering if the experiance is worth it or its a waste of sixty bucks to shoot like 60 rounds.
HK MP5 is ALOT of fun to shoot! i got to shoot one once and it was awesome. shooting a fully auto is something that needs to be experienced.

Originally Posted by KnockinUout View Post
Glocks do not have safteys and that at first made me kinda wierd about buying a gun without a safty. But being the way they are made it is safe as long as one is not in the chamber. It only takes a quick sec to get one loaded so I do not see a downside on this feature. Just one of them things that give the glock there flush look.
im so hung over so ima try and explain it, but ill probably fook it up. the lil switch thing on the trigger is kinda a saftey, that has to be pushed down for the trigger to pull, also with a Double Action, a saftey kinda isnt needed, cuz its such a long deliberate pull before it fires. im pretty sure you have a Double Action/Single Action, in that the first shot is DA, and after that first shot the rest are SA. a saftey was used like on a 1911 it was meant to be loaded and cocked, so if the soldier need to use it, just pull it from the holster, flip of the thumb takes the saftey off and ready to fire in SA right away. my PX4 the saftey is also a decocker, so if its cocked and i put on the saftey, it decocks the hammer and puts it back into DA.

i hope i said that right and it makes sense to ya.. i seriously have the mental capacity of a stapler at the moment.....

And box, yeah the Judge with the 3" chamber can handle the ones with 5 pellets, they later called em The Magnum, i got mine before that so it doesnt say magnum on it anywhere, but it does have the 3" chamber.

and for ammo, check out this place

i havent bought from there myself, but from a gun forum i go to also people there have used it.

just another option.

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