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Originally Posted by Uchaaa View Post
If guns would be allowed in my country, I would be shot by immigrants within the next week.

I have never seen a real gun, but I felt it on my head when somebody beat me down with it
That seems unbelievable to me that you've never even seen a gun. No disrespect, it's just something that I guess I took for granted here in the U.S.
I grew up with guns in the house. BB gun when I was 5. .410 shotgun when I was 8. .270 rifle I bought with my paper route money at age 13.
I've added many more since then. Mostly used for hunting but you never know when you'll need them for self defense. I have a wife and 3 daughters at home so when I'm working nights, it gives me peace knowing they have those guns and they know how to use them if they need to.
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