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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
My point is that ever since Mark was drafted he has been talked about like it's just a matter of time til he becomes the second coming of Joe Namath. While a solid qb that has put in his time and had some success such as Campbell is treated like a retread.

It's no different than a ton of other players who get accolades that they haven't earned though. Vince Young, Stafford, Leinart early in his career, Reggie Bush, Tebow, and I could go on forever.

I didn't get into football because I wanted to hear hype or drama or any of the crap that the league has turned into. I loved football. Playing it, watching it, fantasy, all that.
Now you click on the nfl page and it's who's been arrested, who's dating who, and pretty much everything but football.
Pretty much I'm just terribly bitter about what football has become. Nothing against the Jets or Sanchez personally.

I am sure that you're enjoying your teams success after all the Patriot love these last few years. After the tuck rule game I don't think I could hate a team anymore than I hate the Pats. Good luck this year
OMG!!! you just reminded me, their is one team the NFL actively tries to screw over at every opportunity, and thats the raiders. IIRC it was an nfl exec that slipped russel those drugs at his draft party, not three minutes after he was drafted by oakland..........

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